On seeing and being seen


From the time of the Sahabah up to now, this deen was passed on from generation to generation ‪by seeing the Akabireen. Seeing our spiritual elders has a powerful effect on one’s qalb. The Sahabah saw the Beloved Prophet  ﷺ and the Tabieen saw the Sahabah. This silsilah of seeing continues today and is part of how deen is preserved.

Every Shaykh has a different spiritual temperament and this relates to their mashrab. Some are beneficial wells with sweet water, some are beautiful springs and others are boundless oceans. Similarly, thirsty seekers are attracted to different Mashaikh. Let every thirsty seeker drink from the source he or she is satiated from. However, if a thirsty one tries to satisfy himself with a book on the history of wells, it is his loss. He will never be satiated and will remain thirsty forever. Those who look for Akabireen in history books while ignoring the living, are at loss. Tayammum is made when water isn’t available.

There is a very important flip side to seeing. It is to be seen by the Akabireen. It is to be seen by them, to be rectified by them in all our affairs, to seek their counsel repeatedly and to not trust our own nafs. The deceptions of the nafs are very subtle – it requires an expert spiritual doctor to diagnose the illness. The gaze of the Akabireen with their spiritual attention (tawajjuh) has a medicative effect for sick hearts. It is a sign of the end of times that many of us don’t feel the importance of having our affairs rectified continuously by interacting with the Akabireen. The Akabireen are like shepherds. Nafs and Shaytan are like the wolves waiting for us to become detached and separated from them.

May Allah ﷻ protect us all.

فقير مصطفى كمال نقشبندي مجددي

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